30/11/14 “Golden Lomax 5th Trasharama - Monsterfest (Australia)


08/11/14 “Premio Serie Z 19th Zaragoza Film Festival (Spain)


26/10/14 “Best Short Film 5è TAC, Terror Arreu de Catalunya (Spain)


19/10/14 Audience Award 3e Short Film Festival Valencia Zombi (Spain)

01/08/14 “Best Feature Film Project 8th International Film Festival of Sax (Spain)

31/05/14 “Best International Short 8th Sci-Fi on the Rock Film Festival (Newfoundland, Canada)


31/05/14 Audience Award” 8th Sci-fi on the Rock Film Festival (Newfoundland, Canada)


25/05/14 “Audience Award X Fantaspoa, Porto Alegre (Brasil)


31/04/14 Audience Award” 6th Festerror, Fantastic Film Festival (Spain)


12/04/14 “Audience Award 5th Skepto International Film Festival (Italia)


06/04/14 Jury Award” 1er Festival de Cortos de Comedia de Madrid (Spain)


02/04/14 Best Fx” Festival de Cortometrajes Roll Madrid (Spain)


19/01/14“Best Editing” Macabre Faire Film Festival (NY, USA)

19/01/14“Best FX” Macabre Faire Film Festival (NY, USA)


13/01/14“Best Poster” CinEuphoria 2014 (Portugal)


07/12/13“Best Gore Short Film” 11th Navidades Sangrientas (Spain)

16/11/13“Audience Award” Cutting Edge Film Festival (Newcastle, UK)
16/11/13“Audience Award” IV CortoGenial, Certamen de Cortometrajes de Puente Genil (Spain)
16/11/13“Special Jury Mention” 6th Mórbido International Fantastic Film Festival México
16/11/13“Audience Award” 25th Marató de Curts Fantàstics i de Terror de Sants (Spain)

16/11/13“Best FX” 39è Festival Internacional Filmets de Badalona (Spain)
10/11/13“Méliès D’Argent” 8th Abertoir Horror Film Festival of Wales
10/11/13“Best Short Film” 8th Abertoir Horror Film Festival of Wales
08/11/13“Audience Award to the Best Action Shortfilm” Germany After Dark 2013
03/11/13“Special Jury Award” Hrizantema Horror & Fantasy Film Festival (Serbia)
02/11/13“Audience Award” 3er Festival Ores de Miedo (Spain)
31/10/13“Make It a Feature Award”4thLas Vegas Underground Film Festival Pollygrind
31/10/13“Zombiepalooza Award”4thLas Vegas Underground Film Festival Pollygrind
31/10/13“Audience Award” VI Blood Film Festival (Spain)
31/10/13“Audience Award” Fantastic Film Festival Avilés (Spain)
31/10/13“Special Jury Mention” Fantastic Film Festival Avilés (Spain)
30/10/13“Best International Film” Heavy Hitting HorrorFest (Whistler, Canada)
27/10/13 “Audience Award” Fake Flesh Film Festival (British Columbia, Canada)
27/10/13“Best Short Film” HorrorQuest Film Festival (Atlanta, Georgia)
27/10/13“Best Fx” HorrorQuest Film Festival (Atlanta, Georgia)
23/10/13“Jury Award” 2nd Horror Online Art

23/10/13“Best Poster Design” 2º Horror Online Art 
20/10/13“Best Comedy”  11th Fargo Fantastic Film Festival (North Dakota)
20/10/13“Best Short Film” Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival (Switzerland)
20/10/13“Best Short Film”  Fear Fete Horror Film Festival (Louisiana, USA)
20/10/13“Best Horror Short Film” Fear Fete Horror Film Festival (Louisiana, USA)
19/10/13“Audience Award” Hamilton Zombie Short Film Festival


19/10/13“Best Gore” Hamilton Zombie Short Film Festival
19/10/13 “Best Kills” Hamilton Zombie Short Film Festival
19/10/13 “Best Fx” 1er Festival de Cortos Fantásticos y de Terror Suspiria Fest
06/10/13“Best Short Film” Cinestrange 2 (Germany)
29/09/13“Special Jury Mention” Horror Project Festival 2013 , Roma
28/09/13“Audience Award” 4th Three Corpses Circus (Michigan) (Best Kill)
22/09/13“Audience Award”  2nd Phenom Film Fest (Los Angeles)
22/09/13“Audience Award” Freakmacine, Festival de Cine Fantástico da Coruña (Spain)
15/09/13“Audience Award” Festival Internacional de Cinema de Merda de Sueca (Spain)
14/09/13“Jury Award”  4art Fantàstic Gore Festival Amposta (Spain)
14/09/13“Bloodiest Film”4art Fantàstic Gore Festival Amposta (Spain)
01/09/13“Best Comedy” 27th Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival, Atlanta
04/08/13 “Best International Short” Riofan 2013, Festival Fantastico do Rio (Brasil)
31/07/13 “Audience Award” XVI Mostra de Curtmetratges de Sant Antoni Incortum
20/07/13 “2nd Prize” 15è Certamen de curtmetratges de Ripollet (Spain)
19/07/13“Audience Award” 14th Fantastic and Freak Film Festival Fantosfreak (Spain)
07/07/13“Best Director” 5º Festival de Cortos de Rodinia (Spain)
07/07/13“Special Jury Mention”5º Festival de Cortos de Rodinia (Spain)
30/06/13“1st Price” Viralfest (Spain)
29/06/13“Jury Award” 1st Cortos con K 2013 (Spain)
16/06/13“Best International Short” 33º FantaFestival, Roma (Italy)
09/06/13“Best International Short” 5th LatronicHorror 2013 ( Italy)
04/06/13“Audience Award” 3th Internet Film Fest Berlin Webcuts (Germany)
26/05/13“Best Short Film” Crypticon Seattle 2013 (USA)
10/05/13“Special Jury Mention” IV Festival Internacional Piélagos en Corto (Spain)
28/04/13“Best International Short” 18th Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival (Scotland)
31/03/13“Special Jury Mention 3rd Fanter Film Festival (Spain)


31/03/13“Audience Award” “Les Etranges Nuits du Cinema” (Switzerland)
18/03/13 “Special Jury Mention for its enjoyable fun” Fantastic Film Festival of Monachil (Spain)
17/01/13 “Audience Award” 5th Fantastic Film Festival of Alcantarilla (Spain)
29/12/12 “Best Fx & Make up”” 11th Catacumba, Fantasy and Horror FilmF of Godella (Spain)
14/12/12“Audience Award” 4ª Mostra Anual de Curts d'Olesa de Montserrat (Spain)
01/12/12“Best Fx” IV Horrorvision, Spanish Horror-Trash Film Festival (Spain)
31/10/12 “Jury Award” 3th Antic Horror Picture Show (Spain)


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