Fist of Jesus Bluray

10 year aniversary edition, limited to 666 Blu-Ray includes 2 pages with several stickers + album poster + paperboard hardcover + Reversible cover + Flyer + Movie Poster


The extras include 5 new Fist of Jesus little short films, Making of, Deleted scenes, Bloopers, Soundtrack, the feature fIlm Teaser, a gallery of more than 500 images and pictures, and the films: Brutal Relax and all his extras (2010) Metal Creepers (2011), and Golf Day (2011). English subtitles option (some films include also german an italian dub and subtitles), and more extras.   PAL 16:9 Region Free, 0 (It plays worldwide)


Courtesy of our distributor you can also receive a free poster of Frankenstein (Universal), Pet Sementery (Original), Pet Sementery (Remake), Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead or the Dead don't die.  Write as a message the one you want when you made your command. It will be sent folded with the Bluray.


Total running time: 100 minutes.


+ Digital download of all the Fist of Jesus videos.

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All Our FILMS In 1 DVD

All Our Films Compilation DVD

Include our bloodiest films: Fist of Jesus (2012), Metal Creepers (2011), Brutal Relax (2010), Whirlwind Strike Force (2009), Brico Killer (2007) & Die Motherfuckers (2006). All with english subtitles option.   PAL 16:9

REGION FREE DVD 0 (It plays on US DVD Players also, it's wordlwide region)


+ Digital download of all the Fist of Jesus videos that were on the sold out DVD.

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Digital PACK download



DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Own the most epic Jesus film EVER! Full HD 1080p download of the short film “Fist of Jesus” Runtime: 30 minutes, including 5 new Jesus short films in HD, the  Feature Film teaser, the complete 9 songs from the original soundtrack and the most bloody sacred art book from the history with 36 pages full color and a poster gallery.


DESCARGA DIGITAL Disfruta en Alta Definición de la película de Jesús más épica jamás rodada. Duración total: 30 minutos, con 5 nuevos episodios, el art book más sangriento y blasfemo de la historia con 36 paginas a color, los 9 temas de la B.S.O. y una galería de pósters.

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Brutal Relax Digital download


HD Digital download of our monster beach gory movie.

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Those items are not available anymore


Fist of Jesus DVD


Brutal Relax DVD


Accountant and other Wild Creatures DVD compilation


Fist of Jesus T-shirt, Glow in the Dark T-shirt and Garbage Pail Kids tribute T-Shirt




2 Action figures (Glow in the Dark & Covered in Blood)


Fist of Jesus mgnet, FOJ card and stickers collections and Fist of Jesus and Brutal Relax Bookmark


Fist of Jesus t-shirt + 45 illustrations and lobby cards + Original Soundtrack OST
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